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Hgt-7214-copy.jpgNigel Couchman, course manager at Tewkesbury Park Hotel, Golf and Country Club could be winging his way to New York (with the chance to play golf on two top courses) courtesy of the Vitax 'Dial-In for Perfect Hydration' competition, opened at BTME.

Dial-In, the new hydration programme launched at the show is designed to provide the ideal hydration solution for all soil conditions. Utilising three main products - OARS, which removes the build up of organic acids that coat the surface of sand particles leading to water repellency and localised dry spots, AQUA-AID, a penetrant wetting agent and AQUIFER, designed to manage water repellency in the top several inches of soil, Dial-In takes the scientific approach to provide the ideal combination of products for correct hydration on each golf course.

"In order to implement this, it is necessary for one of our technical representatives to visit the course," explains Vitax Commercial Manager Daniel Wilkinson. "Soil type, turf condition, root development, climate and water quality can all effect how water is available in the soil. Based on analyses of all these factors, we will provide a recommended programme of action for each course. The big advantage for course managers and greenkeepers is that they will be able to implement a programme based on actual scientific data and achieve the results they require."

Anyone who signs up for an initial, no obligation survey will be entered into the free prize draw with the chance to win the fabulous, four day trip to New York.

The "Dial-In for Perfect Hydration Competition" is open until the middle of February.

For further information contact Vitax on Tel: 01530 510060 email:info@vitax.co.uk

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