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PB040041.jpgIs your artificial sports surface constantly flooding? Does water take a long time to drain away? When the water eventually does drain away, are you then left with unsightly and potentially hazardous mud and silt deposits on your synthetic carpet?

If so, it is likely that your all-weather surface needs a Rejeneration®.

Synthetic sports surfaces require a good maintenance programme in place from day one. Failure to regularly remove dirt, leaf debris and other detritus from your pitch or court will lead to contamination of the infill, which in turn will prevent rainwater from draining freely through the carpet.

Frequent Drag Brushing of your all-weather surface is an important and worthwhile procedure, but on its own is not sufficient to remove fine particles of dust and debris from the carpet. Over time this material will form an impermeable 'skin', which acts as a barrier to rainwater and prevents it from draining away properly.

Technical Surfaces can combat the problem of infill contamination at an early stage in the life of your artificial pitch or court, by regularly Power Sweeping the facility, lifting and cleaning the top layers of infill whilst ensuring an even distribution of infill across the surface. This is then complemented on an annual or biannual frequency by a summer Revite®, which addresses contamination at a deeper level using a more intensive cleaning and filtering process.

However, a number of factors including age, frequency of use and the amount of maintenance in place can affect the way a surface drains and plays, and when it can no longer support the effective drainage of water from the playing surface, only a Rejeneration® will resolve the problem. Interim measures such as a Winter Revival™ can aesthetically improve your surface in the short-term, but will not solve the root cause of the problem.

To avoid the expense and hassle of resurfacing, consider a Rejeneration® of your artificial sports pitch or court, and as well as solving your flooding problems you could also secure an extra 5 years' use from your all-weather facility.

For more information on implementing the right maintenance programme for your synthetic sports surface, visit or call their National Office and speak to a Technical Manager on 08702 400 700.

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