Dr Who

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Dr Who?

By Carol Dutton


No prizes for guessing that the weirdo in the white coat is non other than Mike Seaton, MD and founder of Berkshire based Weed Free and The Lawn Company, seen here living up to his website persona "Dr. Lawn."

Aided and abetted by Allen Power Equipment who lent him one of their National ride-on grass cutting machines, and also provided the two Ibea Visions for his henchmen, Mike was at Blenheim Palace Flower Show to host a four day Lawn Clinic.

Denis Rawlings, Blenheim's event director says "Dr. Lawn" has just the right informal but informative style. But who are the two riders on either side? Now that would be telling!

Photograph : Mike's wife Kathy is pictured right and his sister-in-law Louise Kirby is pictured left.

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