Effective Disease Management at Bridgnorth Golf Club

Steve Monkin Golf

In a period where turf is highly susceptible to disease, Bridgnorth Head Greenkeeper, Martin Jones and Maxwell Amenity Technical Manager, John Handley implemented a tailored nutrition programme to help keep the club's greens in pristine condition.

As part of the programme, Martin applied Maxwell Turf Hardener to his greens with the aim of strengthening the plant and increasing its tolerance and ability to withstand stress and pathogens. Maxwell Turf Hardener acts by providing the grass plant with an easily available source of calcium, a nutrient which aids in the development of strong cell walls, roots and assists in controlling the plant's uptake of water and nitrogen.

Martin has complemented the Maxwell Turf Hardener with micro-nutrients from the Maxwell Bullet range to further aid the plant in defending itself against typical autumn stress caused by moisture lying on the leaf for long periods of time and active fungal pathogens. Maxwell Bullet Phosphite is known to assist the plant in countering these conditions and help present the greens in a healthy state regardless of the season.

Martin observed the positive impact that Maxwell products and the technical advice received from John Handley has had on Bridgnorth's greens. He said; "With the intense disease pressure that October brings, our greens being 100% poa annua, and the loss of iprodione, it was important to implement a programme that would allow us to go into autumn disease free. This way it would give us the best chance of remaining healthy throughout the winter. Working with John Handley, we have utilised different tools to complement our fungicide strategy. By applying micronutrients from the Maxwell Bullet range along with Maxwell Turf Hardener we have remained disease free and reduced the need for a fungicide."

With conditions as they are at this time of year, disease pressure is prevalent across the country but with the correct programmes and practices in place, greenkeepers can be better prepared to cope with the stress and resist turf disease.

If you are looking for a disease management programme, a member of our technical sales will be happy to help.

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