Effective drainage key to protecting golf from ‘threat of extreme weather’, state Aggregate Industries

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With the UK's increasingly erratic weather having a detrimental impact on golf, Aggregates Industries' has insisted that effective drainage is now more important than ever before when it comes to the successful design and management of golf courses.

According to a recent report, golf is facing an increase in unplayable holes, winter course closures and disruption to professional tournaments due to increased rainfall, all of which are a growing concern for the sport.

Extreme weather including wetter winters are also causing waterlogging and disease to grass and greens, the report added. As a result, the Greater Glasgow area alone has seen a 20% reduction in playing time on golf courses over the last decade.

Steve Curley, general manager for Lytag at Aggregate Industries, a leading supplier of building materials, comments: "The UK has seen six of the seven wettest years on record since 2000 and record-breaking wet winters in 2014 and 2015 - which is clearly having a damaging impact on golf and a growing concern for golf courses up and down the country.

"For golf clubs looking to - literally - weather the storm, having an effective drainage system in place is now considered paramount for protecting a green and ensuring playability in all weather conditions."

According to Aggregate Industries, core to a superior drainage system is the use of secondary aggregates such as Sportag®, an innovative lightweight solution made from Lytag featuring a unique rounded shape and material properties that makes it ideal for land drainage applications.

Reducing the risk of flooding, Sportag is able to transmit water up to 10 times faster than gravel, which means it is particularly suited to golf courses, including slit trenches, gravel banding and Shelton Systems as well as fairways where firm dry surfaces are critical. What's more, the incredibly sustainable solution's 40% void ratio helps aid longevity, improving aeration and allowing roots to penetrate further.

Proving its credentials during recent works at Woburn Golf Club, Sportag was installed within trenches 25mm wide, spaced 2m apart and at a depth of 300mm. A quick and simple installation process, the course was immediately available for use, damage to the course was minimal, therefore keeping disruption to a minimum.

Steve Curley adds: "Due to its super absorbent properties, Sportag has been proven to aid with effective drainage and high moisture retention as demonstrated in the recent case of Woburn Golf Club. For golf clubs looking to provide first class playing surfaces year round, this revolutionary solutions will not disappoint."

For more information on Lytag call 01904 727922 or visit www.lytag.com

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