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graphic for cp Specialist measurement solutions company KOREC will be using Harrogate Week 2007 to debut its ground breaking PC software, FastMap GreenKeeper.

This powerful and user-friendly Windows based software allows users to take ownership of their golf course data and visually manage its assets and infrastructure.

As part of the package, KOREC undertakes a full survey of the users golf course, capturing all standard features including tees, greens, fairways, bunkers, aprons, semi-rough and lakes. Each of these features is automatically linked to a database record in which a set of attributes associated with the feature is stored together with any additional notes or pictures. The end result is a single source of information that can be used to produce reports and printouts for all aspects of Golf Course management.

Once up and running, the system has limitless applications. Information can be accessed simply by clicking on a point on the map display and reports can be easily generated from the database. Functions include the option to create view and edit collected data as well as carry out distance measurements including:- golf hole length; calculate area measurements for precise application of fertilizer and pesticide; print plans or 18 hole pin position sheets; display defect lists on the on screen map or print off as a 'to do' list.

It has been designed to work seamlessly with Trimble GPS, which allows the user to survey additional data on the golf course (eg Drains and Irrigation Pipes etc), which is synchronised and displayed in FastMap Greenkeeper. All data in FastMap Greenkeeper can taken out on the course using Trimble GPS and can be relocated if required (i.e. to find the buried drain or position the new Bunker).

Developed to bring benefits to golf clubs of any size, FastMap GreenKeeper has been designed to manage the day-to-day problems that many golf clubs face. KOREC's Golf Course Analyst Ian Phythian explains, " After 15 years working in golf course management and construction around Europe, I was aware of a set of common problems that were hampering the smooth and efficient running of many golf clubs.

Golf clubs are often run by committee who serve for a limited period and there is little continuation of historical records from one committee term to the next. Additionally communication can be a problem between the different individuals employed by the golf club from secretary and course manager to greenkeeper and golf pro. FastMap GreenKeeper and the reports and maps generated from it, will provide a common working template for all those involved in the club's management and a source of information invaluable to those involved in the future."

FastMap GreenKeeper is already being used commercially by UK golf clubs. For further information please call 0845 603 1214, visit www.korecgroup.com/greenkeeper or come and see us on stand C20 during Harrogate Week (23-25 January 2007)
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