Feet aching after Saltex? Hop on a Segway!

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Feet aching after Saltex? Hop on a Segway!

At Pitchcare, we like to think we're innovative, forward thinking and dynamic, perhaps that's why we loved the Segway Human Transporters at Saltex.

Leicester-based company 'Environmental Vehicle Solutions' exhibited at the show for the first time, and caused quite a stir with their unique way of getting around.

These 2-wheeled, self-balancing machines are fun, practical, easy to store and run on lithium battery packs. Popular in Europe and the States, they're ideal for getting around whatever the terrain. The Segway GT gives golf enthusiasts a great new way to cruise the course. With extended range batteries and a golf bag rack it also has specially engineered enhanced traction for stability and to minimise wear on the golf course.

They're already being used at theme parks, airports, manufacturing plants, and also by paramedics, police officers and traffic wardens. We think they'd be ideal for busy Grounds and Stadium Managers or anyone else in the industry with a large site to manage, perhaps as an alternative to golf carts.

For more information, visit www.environmenalvehiclesolutions.com or call 0207 712 1593.

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