Ferrari causes a stir on the streets of London

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Ferrari causes a stir on the streets of London

By Ellie Tait

Visitors to Harrods in London's fashionable Knightsbridge district appeared slightly bemused by the sight of a farmer in flat cap and overalls on a tractor outside the famous store.Lamberhurst_GeorgeDreaver.jpg

The Guardian newspaper had invited George 'Geordie' Drever, a cattle farmer from the remote Scottish island of Westray to London to sample the life of a minor celebrity in a role reversal of the Channel 5 reality TV show 'The Farm'.

They called on Lamberhurst Engineering, the UK distributor of Ferrari tractors, to ask if they could hire a Ferrari for a photo shoot to accompany the article for its 'G2' supplement. The tractor shot was eventually used on the front cover.

"It's not every day you have the opportunity to give your product national exposure"; commented Lamberhurst's Nigel Osborne. "We took the Ferrari Raptor 40 and made sure it was nice and shiny for the camera! Unloading it on the busy Brompton Road was challenging to say the least and quite a few people stopped to watch as the photographer set up the shots."

Eleanor Welsh, researcher for The Guardian said: "The staff at Lamberhurst were extremely helpful and the Ferrari was perfect for the shoot. Logistically, unloading a large arable tractor would have meant closing the road, so we had to have a machine that was compact enough to fit into the back of a van."

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