First ever roll-on roll-off quick spin grinder from Foley is a game changer

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It isn’t often that a completely new product is introduced into the market which will be a complete game-changer, but that is exactly what has happened at the 2024 BTME exhibition in Harrogate.


The Foley 642 Quick Spin Reel Grinder brings a whole new meaning to quick spin. It is designed to accommodate the widest of mower cylinders and is a simple roll-on roll-off solution to grinding, with the machine sitting at floor level. The wheel in and wheel out action removes all need for heavy lifting facilities, revolutionising the way the groundsman and greenkeepers view touch-up spin grinding. Foley Company’s Professional Grinders already offer the best spin and relief methods for sharpening blades and the new Foley 642 Quick Spin grinder will be complimentary to these methods. It offers a fast, easy operated option for providing a quick touch-up spin, between the regular relief grinding schedules. It is also the perfect solution to sharpening the extra wide, heavy mowers used on sports fields/pitches, which are often cumbersome to load into the standard grinder.

Last week Paul Rauker, CEO and President of Foley Company had made the trip to Harrogate to support Foley Company the launch of the world’s first ever professional floor level roll-on, roll-off grinder. ‘This is truly a remarkable occasion’ said Paul. ‘The 642 Quick Spin Reel Grinder is the first of its kind and I’m delighted to be here to acknowledge the significance of our latest development. It is a machine that will appeal to all grounds professionals who are looking to improve the performance and efficiency of their grinding programmes. As the leading manufacturer of Grinding equipment Foley Company is once again leading the way in grinding technology. We have developed and patented simple to use controls to save time without compromising on performance.

The patented clamping system effortlessly secures any cutting unit in all configurations and the roller clamp is adjustable for any variety of rollers and groomers. This machine really will change the way we look at grinding in the future!’

The Foley 642 Quick-Spin features simple to use controls, counter balanced spin drive, patented front and rear clamping system for pedestrian mowers and power rear positioning levers for cylinders. It is spin only, with adjustable traverse speed and adjustable spin speed. It will accept up to 42” reel width and operates on 240v/15a power.

Foley Company are looking to supply production models will be available later this year.

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