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First on the Tee

By Greg Hill


The 'state of the art' centre incorporates the use of electronics in the balls in order to track exactly where each ball is hit and who hit it there! Each player logs into the system and passes their ball over sensor on the bay. The player then tries to hit the ball into one of the many targets set into the range surface scoring more points the further they hit it and the moreTop-Golf1.jpg

This new age technology is complimented with a completely synthetic range. However, problems with the surface performance led them to seek professional help from Technical Surfaces who specialise in maintenance of synthetic surfaces.

The existing long pile carpet had since installation been drastically under-filled with the wrong material and had become almost flat. This had led to a very hard surface and erratic ball bounce. Their brief was to remove the existing infill, lift the carpet pile and infill with a new specialist Top-Golf3.jpg

Due to the nature of the contract downtime was a critical issue, so the works had to be conducted between the hours of 6am and 12 noon. Seven early starts and 220 tonnes of sand later the carpets playing characteristics where fully restored.

For advice on any synthetic surface whatever the application Technical Surfaces can be contacted on Tel: 08 702 400 700 or email
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