Fixed and Floating head INFINICUT mowers for Warwick Independent School Foundation prove to be perfect combination

Louise Challissin Machinery & Mechanics

As part of an on-going investment programme, Warwick Independent Schools Foundation have purchased two Cub Cadet INFINICUT® mowers, as well as a selection of TMSystem™ cassettes. In a very short time Grounds Manager Duncan Toon says the vast improvement in the condition of the natural grass surfaces is down to these newest additions to his machinery fleet.

Four schools occupy the 8 hectare site of natural turf and sports facilities - Warwick School, Warwick Junior School, King's High School and Warwick Preparatory School. Duncan and his grounds team of 6 are required to deliver top-quality surfaces for all. "I joined the school in June 2018 whilst it was in the midst of a significant investment programme and started sourcing machinery to help improve the quality of the grounds. I'd had a demonstration of the INFINI's in my previous role at Birmingham FC and they'd been on my wish-list ever since. I knew these would be key to achieving the quality we were striving for."

Duncan took delivery of an INFINICUT® 34" Fixed Head and an INFINICUT® 26" Floating Head mower, in quick succession. "Alongside the superior quality of cut, and striping ability, another big selling point for us working in a school environment is health and safety. With the INFINI's being battery powered, we no longer have to spend time and money sourcing and safely storing fuel - and the noise emitted is all but eliminated meaning we can mow anytime including through the exam season. They're also incredibly comfortable to operate, which is much more enjoyable for my guys while mowing large areas such as rugby pitches. In fact, they're fighting to use them!"

The 34" unit, equipped with a 7 blade SmartCut reel, is predominately for use on the rugby pitch and cricket square, while the 26" floating head model will become their wicket mower. Duncan is also impressed with the cassettes from the TMSystem™ range that came with the machines - the PowerBrush™ and UltraGroomer™. "We've put the UltraGroomer™ across our cricket surface to thin out the sward and remove any unwanted Poa ingress and lateral growth. Compared to other verti-cutters, this cassette is head and shoulders above anything I've ever used. When you think you've taken everything out, you go over again and it's amazing how much more you get."

"These machines have already made a noticeable difference to the health, presentation and quality of the swards" explains a delighted Duncan, who is looking forward to adding further units to his fleet in the not-too-distant future.