Foley Company bring automatic quality to BTME 2022

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American grinder manufacturer, Foley Company, is bringing automatic quality to BTME 2022 with their range of fully and semi-automatic spin and relief grinders.

Hertsmere Golf Club Team

In the months leading up to the show at the end of March, Foley's UK and Ireland distributor, ProSport UK Ltd, has completed the installation of several units. Golf clubs including St Annes Old Links, West Sussex, Henley, Hertsmere, The Buckinghamshire and Kingsbarns are only some to have purchased cylinder or bedknife grinders as well as contractors Gibson Groundcare Machinery.

For many, the automated process of the Accu-Pro models ranging from the 633 reel grinder to the 673 automated bedknife grinder was the main reason behind their decision. This and the ability to relief grind back to OEM specifications are the reasons why so many turf professionals in the UK, Ireland and worldwide are opting for Foley.

"In the first few months of 2022, it has been brilliant to get out to our customers with their new grinders," Managing Director of ProSport UK Ltd, Ian Robson, said. "We have found that in-house grinding is becoming an increasingly viable and popular option for clubs and contractors, and the automation and relief grinding options we provide really appeal to those who are looking into it for the first time.

"What is equally pleasing for us is clubs such as The Buckinghamshire and Carnoustie who have done their grinding for several years but have seen the difference a Foley Company machine can make for them. In many cases, this is quality and time saving, which are of paramount importance.

"BTME 2022 gives us a chance to catch up with these clubs and introduce new people to what Foley has to offer, so we're excited about the exhibition. We'll have working grinders on the stand, so attendees can have a hands-on demonstration of the machines in action and have any questions they have answered."

The 633 Accu-Pro is an industry leader in versatility and can complete quick touch-up spin grinds or return the reel to manufacturers specifications through relief grinding. The operation is fast and straightforward with the Accu-Reel Selector, and cylinder height stop automatically locating the reel for spin and relief grinding in one set-up. Pre-set relief angles are easily identified on the relief angle adjuster, which makes it effortless to grind the correct angles and achieve proper clearances for each reel type.

Using the optional Accu-Touch 3 Control makes this even easier. You tell the machine what you're working on and it does the rest using pre-programmed spin speeds, relief torque and in-feeds. With or without the Accu-Touch 3, once the grinder has started, operators are free to continue with other tasks while grinding is completed.

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