Golf buggies set to drive further forward in 2007

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Fifty per cent of golf clubs say that that golf buggies are now more in demand than 10 years ago, according to a national survey carried out by Calor, the UK's
leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

LPG specialist Calor spoke to 100 golf clubs across the UK to review the market and get closer to the needs of golf club managers.

Thirty nine per cent of golf clubs said that their golf buggy fleet had significantly risen in the last 10 years with 28 per cent surprisingly saying that they had noticed an increase in the use of buggies by younger players. The age group making most use of buggies was the 45 to 60, followed by the over 60's.

As well as golf clubs, Calor also spoke to 100 golfers across the UK. Sixty two per cent said that golf course maintenance was the most important part of
choosing a club. Once at the club 55 per cent said that it was the people they played with that gave them the most enjoyment, rather than winning.

Sabrina Jackson, Calor's commercial market manager, said the company was always looking to develop markets. "Calor LPG is used in many golf clubs because of its versatility. As well as golf buggies, Calor LPG can also power mowers for course maintenance and fuel catering, heating and water heating facilities."

Calor LPG has been supplying fuel to power golf buggies for many years.

Benefits include:

  • Duty-free LPG could potentially save up to 60 per cent if courses currently use petrol
  • LPG bulk tanks on site can store large quantities of fuel safely which means no more trips to petrol stations
  • Risk of fuel spillage and environmental contamination is greatly reduced
  • Risk of pilfering is reduced compared to other fuels
  • LPG combustion engines can reduce harmful exhaust emissions
  • LPG buggies can take on the most challenging course, round after round and if you currently use electric buggies, LPG means no more waiting for recharging

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