Grass breeding and new facilities for UK grass seed business

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Chris-Taylor.jpgAs part of the global grass breeding organisation, DLF Trifolium A/S, the UK subsidiary is delighted to have the opportunity to carry out its own grass trials on home grounds.

Chris Taylor transferred to DLF Trifolium Ltd together with the CPB grass breeding programme, which was finalised in November 2006. With 30 years of breeding experience behind him, he has been very successful in breeding agriculture ryegrass varieties for the UK Recommended List including Twystar, Twymax, Twytop and Twyblade and some highly rated amenity varieties, Twysport red fescue and Twyplay perennial ryegrass. Now in charge of all trialling activity for the UK's leading grass seed company, he is based at Hailes Farm, Didbrook, near Cheltenham.

Breeding grasses for UK conditions is the main objective for Chris with overall responsibility for 5000 plots within 40 acres of land dedicated to amenity and agriculture varieties. In order to complement this significant appointment for DLF, proposals have been submitted to the planning authorities to build new trials facilities to include offices and machinery storage at Hailes Farm, for the trials and plant breeding department.

This building will, when completed, become the main location for all trials functions in the UK including personnel, equipment, grass trials and additionally demonstration areas of amenity and game cover crops subject to planning permission! The new trial facilities will be completed by spring 2008.

In addition to these changes, there are significant developments within the UK business. Excavation work started on 18th June at Thorn Farm, Head Office as the first phase of extending the warehouses by approximately 10,000 square feet.

An important element of the new building will be the installation of "roller racking" which will significantly increase the quantity of finished goods that can be stored. Once the construction has been completed, hopefully by early October this year, the packing lines will be re-organised to be accommodated in one area with a direct link to the new warehouse.

These two developments are further significant investments by DLF Trifolium in the business which emphasises its commitment to creating the best seed business serving the UK market.

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