GreenTek aerators - a real life-saver for stressed greens!

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Due to the extreme hot spell we're having, it's likely that your greens are sealed and parched of much needed air, water and nutrients. GreenTek has a selection of aeration products than can be a real life saver for stressed greens. Here's our Top 3:


Create an open, aerated root zone with the Star Slitter Cassette for the Thatch-Away Supa-System.

Mounted on your greens triple mower, the Star Slitter provides a very fast way of aerating to a depth of 20mm.

This is a very fast, effective way to aerate and causes little surface disruption.

In fact, this operation is so unobtrusive that your surface will be left undisturbed and so play can continue immediately!

  • Up to 20mm working depth
  • 50mm blade spacing
  • Easy, set by feel' height adjuster
  • Built in blade protection system

CLICK HERE to watch the Star Slitter video


Keep your turf growing strong during the hot weather with the Sarel Roller Cassette for the Thatch-Away Supa-System.

By pricking thousands of holes through sealed surfaces, the soil becomes open and free-draining, allowing much-needed water and nutrients to enter up to a depth of 20mm.

Rain will fall in, and dew can be brushed in. Ideal for restoring the vitality and breathability of your turf!

The Sarel Roller is also great preparation for your overseeding work.

  • Replaceable spikes
  • Working depth up to 20mm
  • Easy 'set by feel' height adjuster
  • Built in blade protection system

CLICK HERE to watch the Sarel Roller video


The Dyna-Corer, part of the GreenTek Dynamics Range, really is a greenkeeper's dream…

It's the fast, smooth and quiet way to micro core your greens, and since you can hollow core using your greens triple mower - your members won't even notice or object!

The Dyna-Corer's micro tines effectively remove thousands of tiny core plugs, making it an ideal thatch control or pre-seeding treatment.

Coring relieves surface compaction and prevents sealing, enabling air and water to reach the root zone.

Greenkeepers love it:

"The Dyna-Corer is one of those pieces of equipment that is 'Wow', it changes the way you maintain your greens!"

A range of interchangeable tines are available including hollow core tines, solid tines, needle tines and cross tines. The coring depth can be precisely adjusted to a maximum of 25mm.

  • Weight 47kg per unit
  • Fits most greens triple mowers
  • Working depth 5-25mm
  • Hole spacing 45mm centres (forward spacing controlled by travel speed)
  • Fitted with core collector/rowing attachment
  • Several interchangeable tine options

CLICK HERE to watch the Dyna-Corer video

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All GreenTek products are covered by at least a 2 years parts and labour warranty for commercial use and 3 months warranty for hire use

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