Have you got the Oldest Verti-drain in the UK?

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Have you got the Oldest Verti-drain in the UK?

By Sue Meeken


To celebrate 25 years of the Verti-Drain in the UK, the successful Charterhouse Turf Machinery team are scouring the country to find the oldest working Verti-Drain. The 'winner' will receive a brand new replacement!

The first Verti-Drain deep aerator was introduced in the UK 25 years ago and to help commenorate the occasion, distributors Charterhouse Turf Machinery are launching a special celebration. As part of this, the search is on to find the oldest working Verti-Drain.

"The Verti-Drain machines can penetrate soil to unrivalled depths, a feature that we hope our customers never take for granted," says Charterhouse's Managing Director, Philip Threadgold. "This 25th Anniversary initiative will make users look at and appreciate their machines more closely, and when they see how long they have lasted, they will realise the build quality. We always suggest customers examine entire life-time costs not just the new price."

Turf professionals who believe they may have the UK's oldest Verti-Drain should contact the company with a photograph, brief history and serial number. Once the oldest working model is established, the owner will be offered the chance to swap their old machine for a brand new replacement - Charterhouse are swapping old for new !

The Verti-Drain revolutionised turf care, not only by digging deeper, but also by its manner of operation. The tines 'heave' the soil as they leave the ground, shattering deep-rooted compaction. This creates extra pore and air space, encouraging drainage, healthy grass growth and beneficial microbial activity.

Over the past quarter century, a complete range of Verti-Drains have been developed for turf professionals managing all kinds of facilities, including pedestrian and tractor-towed versions. Recent introductions include the monster 2.6m-wide 7626 machine and the 7007 Hydro ride-on unit.

Some turf industry commentators believe that the introduction of the Verti-Drain has been the single most significant advance in turf maintenance machinery history, helping to keep playing surfaces in better condition throughout the world.

For Further information about the competition please contact Ashleigh at Charterhouse on 01428 661222

Photograph : Left, Managing Director Philip Threadgold, with Sales Managers Richard Heywood, centre and Nick Darking, right.

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