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Hayter at GCSAA in Atlanta

By Richard Bishop

Given a prominent position on the National Mower Company's booth at the GCSAA's exhibition in Atlanta recently was a machine called the National IS 22. A closer inspection, helped by the name "Hayter" on the grass collector, showed that the machine was a Hayter Harrier 56,NationalIS22Hayter.jpg

National's president, Stan Kinkead, has been aware for some time of a requirement for a machine to cut golf tees, get rid of divots and, at the same time, leave a manicured finish. A cylinder mower would not cope with the divots so the pedestrian rotary was the only viable option. In the USA, rotaries with roller drives, necessary to stripe the tee for this application, are few and far between. Having friends at Hayter going back many years, Stan put the problem to them and the Harrier was suggested as the ideal machine.

The reaction from superintendents has been very positive. Not only does the machine do what is required but it also leaves an excellent finish which is so important for golf courses continually looking to raise standards. Commenting at the exhibition Stan said. "I knew that the machine was right for the job but I was concerned there would be a resistance to the idea of a rotary cutting tees. A demonstration though soon shows the merits of the machine and superintendents always comment on what a superb finish the machine leaves. I am confident that the demand for this machine will continue to increase in the USA."

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