Hayter Introduce Electronic Warranty claim system.

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Hayter Introduce Electronic Warranty claim system.

By Richard Bishop

This season sees Hayter introduce a new on-line warranty claim system which will significantly reduce processing times and improve service levels to both dealers and their customers.

The electronic warranty system utilises a new secure dealer web portal that is accessed via the Hayter web site (www.hayter.co.uk). The claim is carried on-line, providing Hayter and its dealer's rapid feedback and the ability to track the progress of a claim as it is processed. Mandatory fields are kept to a minimum with labour payments being based on a series of standard time codes. If an error is made or important information is not entered on the claim the dealer is immediately informed and can rectify the error before sending the claim. The system is easy to use and much quicker than the traditional paper form based process. This system is the first of a number of planned electronic software developments that will ultimately allow Hayter to work more efficiently as a business and get even closer to its customers.

"We are confident that our dealers will find this new system easy to operate and extremely efficient. This will result in warranty claims being processed and settled quicker", said Martin Holden, Hayter Service and Warranty Supervisor.

To find out more about Hayter please visit www.hayter.co.uk or phone 01279 723444.

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