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The SWZ is the model name for the SCAG pedestrian mower supplied in the UK and parts of Europe by STM Co Ltd - and few people know these machines better than the grounds maintenance company Hortech Ltd. They have been users of SCAGs for 25 years; these are machines that work hard for their living, and this has led Hortech to select SCAG as the machine of choice for their work.

We spoke to their Commercial Director Duncan Jones, who has just taken delivery of four SCAG SWZs and he explained about several aspects of the range that keep SCAG so high on their specification list for their work for sites such as industrial, gas and water utility sites.

Water utility sites are a good example of SWZs being ideal - the steeply angled sides on domestic reservoirs always present a challenge, and the SWZ with the twin-wheel option is a very well established and respected solution. This option effectively lowers the centre of gravity of the machine to keep it well placed on angles.

Duncan explained also about a brand-new contract they have recently been awarded that involves a very large number of sites - and to help with this work the new machines have been supplied with spark limiters because of the working environment involved.

Their whole fleet amounts to over forty SCAGs, and another example of keeping these useful machines in operation over the whole year is winter use of their use of their machines fitted with the STM snow blades.

Quotes from a large water utilities customer featuring reservoir work come from the operators themselves, "Happy to use the machines all day long", and "We like SCAG best".

STM are very proud to have someone say that of their products - and proud to have Hortech Ltd as a customer.

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