Hunter is first-class for Bromley CC

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Bromley Cricket Club recently raised enough funds to purchase a much-needed new Hunter Irrigation system from KAR UK.

Founded in 1820, Bromley Cricket Club is one of the leading cricket clubs in Kent, with a long, successful, and proud tradition. As well as boasting four senior sides, the club is focused on promoting youth cricket and has approximately 500 youth players ranging from 4 - 18 years old.

As you can imagine, a lot of cricket is played at the club's ground and David Wilson, cricket committee member and director of the main sports club, explained exactly why an irrigation system was needed.

"We have a very low, shallow, subbase of soil and the consequence of that, from our point of view is that in particularly hot periods in the height of summer, without any rain, the pitch would turn into a desert. It would turn to straw, become very hard and any undulations would become quite dangerous."

"Rainfall is becoming less and less reliable," continued David. "We felt that we were getting to a point where a period of say 6 weeks, would make the outfield non-playable."

Bromley Cricket club commissioned a topographical survey and a feasibility study, which stressed the importance of an irrigation system. The board began to raise funds in various ways, and it eventually reached its target at Bromley Cricket Club's bi-centenary dinner celebrations which took place at The Oval.

The project went to tender, and Prime Irrigation was selected as the chosen contractor to install a Hunter Irrigation system from KAR UK. The system included 25 of the most technologically advanced commercial rotors on the market - the I-80's.

Engineered for sports turf, the I-80 is built with a robust, dirt-tolerant gear drive that offers the highest torque output of any rotor in the commercial sphere, and extends a radius range from 11.3 to 29.6 meters. The I-80 features a wide range of highly efficient, dual-trajectory, wind-fighting nozzles for highly efficient performance in a range of applications. It also provides total top serviceability (TTS) via its integrated, surface-mounted snap-ring for no-dig easy maintenance.

The I-80's were installed strategically around the outfield while 6 TTS-885's were installed on the square.

The Hunter TTS-800 rotors provide maximum uniformity and longevity as they use the same gear drive and nozzles as the I-80's. The high-torque gear drives are the strongest in the industry, so the challenges of reclaimed water use or poor water quality are mitigated. An extra-large, fast-access flange compartment comfortably accommodates wire connections and other components.

Bromley Cricket Club also purchased the Roam remote which means operators never have to walk back and forth to stop and start irrigation. Furthermore, the club will soon be benefiting from the mobile-friendly Centralus irrigation management platform. This provides highly secure, comprehensive cloud-based control and monitoring features which allows users to view a controller's status, change settings, view forecasts, save water, and receive instant notification of important system alarms - all without costly and time-consuming travel and site visits.

"I like the fact that Trevor, our Groundsman, will soon be able to wake up in the morning, if needed, and operate the system from his phone all the way from his house in Whitstable!" added David.

"I have been around the club cricket world for about 45 years, and I can't think of another club that has a system like this, certainly not to this scale," he continued. "We have a lot of competitors in this area, so we want the best possible surface for people to play on. I'm very impressed with this irrigation kit and now that we have water, I am confident that this pitch will soon be of a first-class standard."

Commenting on the project, Alan Williams, Sales Director for Prime Irrigation, said: "It has been great to be a part of this project and the system is going to make a big difference. The Roam remote is incredibly easy to use, and the operator can select various programmes; they now have the flexibility to water certain areas and can have different run times."

"We've got a very good relationship with KAR UK," he continued. "They are a good group to work with, very knowledgeable, always helpful in the office and we get a lot a lot of our products from them."

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