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Greenkeepers have been assured of the continued use of Instrata fungicide, with confirmation of a new approval as part of the EU pesticide registration review process.

With full approval for all three components of Instrata, the product can continue to be sold and used in its existing well-proven formulation.

Syngenta Turf Technical Manager, Dr Simon Watson, reported that with the fast-acting combination of both systemic and contact fungicides, Instrata has become an integral part of most UK greenkeepers' disease control strategies.

"The combination of three actives, all working in different ways and at different points in the disease life cycle, ensures Instrata provides effective protectant and fast acting curative activity - making it a genuine all-round option at any time of the year," he advised.

"It is especially valuable during variable weather conditions, when the multi-activity and ease of use can ensure turf quality is protected in the most difficult situations."

Dr Watson highlighted Instrata has performed extremely well over the relatively mild winter this season, where persistent wet weather has enabled disease to develop on untreated surfaces.

"GreenCast disease risk records have shown turf has been put under incredible stress by the wet conditions, with stop-start growth during periods of mild temperatures and high disease pressure," he warned.

Instrata provides a combination of key actives, each with essential roles:

• Chlorothalonil - protectant contact action and resistance busting multi-site technology

• Fludioxonil - renowned contact+ activity to protect leaves and target disease spores in thatch

• Propiconazole - cool weather systemic provides lasting protection and cures disease inside the leaf all year round

"Instrata has given instant contact protection of the leaf and immediately hit pathogens in the thatch and on the plant to reduce infection risk. Also, the fast uptake systemic activity has provided extended protection for long-lasting results," added Dr Watson. "No other turf fungicide could provide all these attributes and flexibility in one easy to use option."

Under the terms of the new approval, distributors must sell existing stocks of Instrata with the original label MAPP number (MAPP 14154) by October 31 this year, with greenkeepers and course managers having until October 31st 2015 to use it.

New stock from Syngenta will be supplied with the new registration number (MAPP 16458), for approval through until 2021.

Instrata is available to purchase from the Pitchcare Store.

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