Irrigation Control sweep the Board

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Irrigation Control Sweep the Board


Phil Breakey Managing Director of Irrigation Control stated "Obviously this is a great start to the year for us but it hasn't been an instant success. We've won several awards over the last few years including a specialist sub contractor award from BALI for work we undertook for J Mallinson (Ormskirk) Limited, a government backed award for an innovative customer care program that we developed and previous BTLIA Certificate of Merit success. The awards are great but you have to remember that there is a much bigger picture behind them. A number of years ago we decided that we didn't want to be like every other irrigation contracting company. We wanted to offer a service that was second to none and accordingly we instigated a training program for our staff, a Health and Safety program, we invested heavily in plant and machinery to ensure that we had the best equipment for any environment, we instigated a customer care program and above all we asked our customers what they thought were the best features of our company and what areas needed to be addressed. We took all that information on board and changed what we had to change. The awards prove that we have got it right but more importantly we are well on our way to establishing ourselves at the top of our industry. We have no intention of resting on our laurels and we are constantly looking at ways of making Irrigation Control stand out from our competitors.

One way we are doing this is by designing systems only using Rain Bird irrigation products. This is not due to monetary benefits as Rain Bird equipment is quite expensive when compared to many other manufacturer's products. We use Rain Bird because they share the same ethos as Irrigation Control. They are at the top of their industry because of the amount they invest in research and development, they listen to what their customers want and they provide an excellent service. Accordingly when we were awarded the Rain Bird International Contractor of the Year award it was very important to us as it basically told us that the world's leading irrigation equipment manufacturer felt that we were the world's leading irrigation contracting company.

As stated we are not resting on our laurels and at this moment we are re-packaging the company to make us stand out from the crowd. We honestly believe that we are better than our competitors and that is not blowing our own trumpet or being big headed. You have to have that sort of belief if you want to be the best and I make no excuse or apologies for that belief. Click here for more details

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