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New to the Bailoy range is the GTI EC irrigation control software in Pro and Lite versions. These GTI EC controllers retain many features of the GTI PC stablemate while being more economical and simple to use, making them perfect for smaller sites with modest budgets.

For those needing flow-managed irrigation with real-time email notifications, the GTI EC Pro is ideal. The automated flow-managed feature provides precise application to holes or areas in the fastest, most efficient order.

Plus its comprehensive email notification feature alerts the user if issues occur during an irrigation programme, giving access to a range of diagnostic data on programme and station issues.

If required, the GTI EC Pro can also be switched from flow management to the sequence-based system used by its sister model: the GTI EC Lite.

The GTI EC Lite is the control system for sites needing simple sequence-based irrigation. Ideal for sports venues, small to mid-sized clubs and landscape projects, the customer can arrange irrigation order by area or hole and design up to ten sequences.

Bailoy's managing director, Adam Lovejoy, explains: "Many sites don't need the all-singing, all-dancing Pro, but still want to update to a modern reliable controller with the familiarity of their previous 'clockwork' controller. The Lite gives them this."

Should the customer ever decide they'd like to upgrade their GTI EC Lite to benefit from flow management and email notifications, this can be done by simply requesting a feature unlock key.

As both the GTI EC Pro and Lite are available for sites using 2- or 3-core control cables, they are flexible and upgradeable from all equipment manufactured by Bailoy. This also means the GTI EC controllers will be compatible with most existing site control cables, decoders and solenoids, resulting in a seamless upgrade.

In fact, the majority of GTI EC installations are completed in a day. With guided steps for every process, you will be able to create programmes and irrigate within minutes of installation.

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