John Deere launches hybrid fairway mowers

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7500e E-Cut hybrid fairway mower.jpgFollowing the successful launch of the golf and turf industry's first hybrid greens mower in 2005, and in response to customer demand, John Deere is introducing the same energy-efficient technology on its new 7500e and 8500e E-Cut hybrid fairway mowers.

Based on the same platform as the PrecisionCut line of fairway mowers launched in 2008, the E-Cut mowers also feature John Deere's revolutionary QA5 (Quick Adjust 5in) cutting units (see separate release). These 127mm (5in) diameter units provide a choice of 46 or 56cm (18 or 22in) cutting widths.

The 48V electrical system that drives all five cutting units eliminates all hydraulic leak points from the reel drive circuit. This removes the potential for such leaks to cause damage to fairways and other fine turf areas, without sacrificing overall reliability, power or cut quality. This system can also reduce fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent.

There are no batteries to charge - the mowers' 37 and 43hp turbocharged diesel engines drive an alternator, which provides consistent power to drive the cutting units via electric reel motors, even when the mowers are equipped with fairway tender conditioners, groomers or power brushes.

This advanced electrical reel system allows the cutting units to be powered independently of the traction speed, unlike hydraulic reel circuits. This means the operator is able to reduce engine rpm without slowing reel rpm or mowing speed, thus reducing sound levels while maintaining cut quality and productivity.

In addition, backlapping can still be carried out using variable control of the reel speed and direction. The mowers also feature a patented rear-attachment point for the cutting unit yoke, which tows the units from the rear for a more consistent cutting height, which is easily adjustable from 6 to 72mm (¼ to 3in).

John Deere's exclusive GRIP all-wheel drive traction system is optionally available on both models, providing excellent traction not only when mowing up and down inclines, but on hillsides as well. A servo-controlled hydrostatic drive delivers increased flow to the system for more power and better traction in either two-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Easier operation and increased driver comfort are provided by an adjustable suspension seat incorporating the CommandArm control console, a wider platform for optimum pedal spacing and an LED instrument cluster. Other standard features include John Deere's Sit-on-Seat (SoS) diagnostics and patented White Box™ controller, which make troubleshooting easier for both operators and service technicians.


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