July's Bowls diary 2003

Jon Buddingtonin Bowls

The July bowls diary.

By Jon Buddington

Continue daily movement of rink markers where ever possible. Wear is always more visible in hot and dry conditions, so this could be brought to the attention of the members if a positive step.

Red thread or corticium is widespread now on grasses such as red fescue which can be found on the green in large numbers. It is caused by a reduced fertility level, especially nitrogen. So therefore it is wise to feed the symptom rather than treat the result with chemical.

The routine of maintenance should include verti cutting or power brushing prior to a cut of about 5mm. For greater effect, cut with cylinder mower from corner to corner in diamond formation.

Trim edges weekly with long handled shears, try to avoid debris going into ditches. Use sheet to collect clippings.

Try to roll with Sarrel roller as often as possible to keep the surface open without causing surface disturbance. If using larger tines or slits (preferably nothing larger than a 10mm diameter tine), plan the operation when some remedial work can take place afterwards before next play, if you don't take care the work may cause the woods to track.

Irrigate to a depth thrice weekly or 4 times if very hot! This will promote deeper rooting and reduce annual meadow grass coverage.

Keep gutters clear of cigar butts and paper tissues-check drainage holes. Weed borders, keep paths clean and tidy. Check edge heights to green for wear and rectify if becoming dangerous.

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