Kawasaki unveils European power products plan

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kawasaki1.jpgGlobal manufacturer Kawasaki is stepping up its power products presence in Europe after outlining ambitious plans to grow the business over the next five years.

At the Japanese manufacturer's first power products conference for principal European distributors for nearly ten years in Edinburgh this month (June), more than a dozen key countries were represented and heard senior Kawasaki officials commit to a significant focus in the power products sector across Europe.

Kawasaki announced plans to increase resource to help distributors maximise the opportunities available in the sale of the company's brush cutters, hedge trimmers, hedge clipper and blowers.

Among the measures identified were increased manpower and financial resource along with the creation of a new dedicated power products division with a head office based in the UK. Kawasaki also announced proposals to increase the level of administrative, sales and marketing support for distributors from the new power products European head office.

The key European power products distributors also received further commitments from Kawasaki for new products over the next season and improved parts and after-sales service following changes to the operational structure in both Europe and Japan.

Yoshi Sanjo, General Manager for Kawasaki's global General Purpose Engine business which includes power products, told the key distributors that the conference represented an important new era for the power products business in Europe.

"There is a huge potential throughout Europe to develop the power products business and we are determined to work closely with you to ensure our success in future years," he said.

"We realise that this will not be achieved overnight. But now that the decision has been taken to move the business forward, the process is underway and it is my clear aim to build this part of Kawasaki's business to where it should be, enjoying great prominence across the many turf and grounds-care markets throughout Europe.

"With all of this renewed commitment in place, we are now looking to you, our principal distributors in Europe, to lead the way and work closely with us. With your knowledge and experience combined with our product quality, we are confident we can deliver impressive results in the years ahead."

Picture:-Yoshio Sanjo, global General Manager for Kawasaki 's engine an power products business.

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