Keep running for longer with STIHL’s enhanced backpack batteries

James Sherriffin Machinery & Mechanics

STIHL has launched an enhanced version of its AR backpack battery that delivers more power for landscaping and grounds care professionals using PRO cordless tools.

The AR 2000 L and AR 3000 L have a higher power capacity compared to STIHL's previous backpack batteries, which helps to deliver longer running times - particularly when used with the BGA and FSA models - for full-day work assignments. When used with the new professional cordless lawn mower, the RMA 765 V, it delivers a higher power output. Additionally, the new connecting cord means the batteries can be changed quickly and easily over to the carrying harness to minimise downtime. The AR 2000 L and 3000 L have an effective energy content of 1,015 Wh and 1,522 Wh respectively, offering a significant increase compared to previous models.

The new carrying harness is highly adjustable and can be adapted to suit the user. Rather than making belt and strap adjustments when swapping between batteries, the battery itself can simply be interchanged into the same harness instead to save time. Despite the increase in capacity of the new AR batteries, they remain comfortable to wear thanks to the ergonomic carrying system, ensuring professionals using STIHL PRO cordless tools can continue to work over longer periods whilst still keeping the overall system weight balanced.

Like other batteries in STIHL's range, the AR 2000 L and 3000 L can be used in the rain thanks to its integrated humidity cell protection. Charging levels are indicated thanks to the six green LEDs on the battery, and can be re-charged quickly with the STIHL AL 500 quick charger or the AL 300 charger.

Additionally, the new AR 2000 L and AR 3000 L backpack batteries can be integrated to the user's smartphone or tablet with STIHL connect pro, STIHL's fleet management system. When connected with the STIHL Cloud, users will be able to access the charge levels, daily battery life, operating times and location of the battery to review its performance.

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