Kirkland up to Old Tricks

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Kirkland up to Old Tricks

Day one of the Premier League and old habits die hard, particularly as far as goalkeepers are concerned. At the City of Manchester Stadium visiting West Bromwich Albion 'keeper, Chris Kirkland, was eager to get his studs in to the fresh turf and blatantly scraped lines on the six yard box and penalty area.

We can only assume that the referee and his assistants overlooked this offence for whatever reason. Kirkland hardly disguised his actions and, if the referee needs any further evidence, we even have the culprit on video.

It is against the Laws of the Game to have unofficial markings on the pitch and it is about time the referees penalised the offenders.

We will persevere with bringing these offenders to the attention of the FA, the Premier and Football Leagues until the matter is dealt with.

Please send us more stories and images of these incidents, and we will continue with our campaign.

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