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MARK II FTM 1200 version with Collector box & elevator set The KORO Field Top Maker was introduced in 1997 and since then been improved year by year on building quality and technical quality. The machine seems very similar then the models that we had in the last years but the machine for 2007 has been improved and will be named: FTM MARK II
  • Easier Maintenance/ transport. Always access to the rotor and belts/ quick change systems, optimal horizontal conveyor belt system
  • Improved Cutting performance. New blade models/ We offer 2 separate rotors (fraise-mow & verticut) or we can offer you our new MULTI Rotor (European Patent Pending)
  • Higher capacity / clean surface. New rear and side conveyor with higher output. New spiral roller and anti stick/wear/ noise plate. Conditions are never perfect, we are ready for the worst.
Next to our 2007 model we are developing a new model range. This new machine will be named FTM MODULAR, the first models will be introduced in the first quarter of 2007 in the FTM 1200 model. The functionality of the Field Top Maker stayed the same, however we will have increased the flexibility and efficiency of the machine.

The MODULAR model has the following characteristics:
  • Modular construction.
Allows you to choose between conveyor belt/ collector box or deflector plate.
All are inner-changeable within ½ hour. Changing rotors has also been made easier.
By horizontal slide. The 3 point linkage on the FTM 1200 can slide sideways to meet with the outside of the tractor tyre.
  • Maximum flow design
New frame design providing unmatched results in surface hygiene and material flow giving super results on any terrain.
  • Maximum capacity
A heavier drive system will make it able to combat any condition, wet or hard & dry. Using the same conveyor side guards technique but also wider belts it will give more output than any other machine on the market.
  • Value for money
Since you are now able to use the machine efficient of both large and small areas by choosing between a conveyor belt or collector box you buy 2 machines in one. This makes the investment worthwhile if you want a one man operation on fine turf areas (collector box and a high capacity system for large areas (conveyor belt system). Also the machine can easily be adapted with new features that we will develop in the future.

The KORO Recycling Dresser has been in the market since 1994 already, since then a lot has been changed. In 2001 we made the step to a fixed frame construction making the machine easier in use and simpler in design. From 2001 until now a lot has changed to the machine. We made a separation between a fine turf line (RD 1300 / 1800) and a Heavy Duty line (RD 2200 / 2500). The RD 1800 will be introduced in 2007. The RD 2200/ 2500 range has been updated for 2007 making it the ideal contractor machine for any condition.
  • Easy maintenance Good access to digging rotor and soil belt for maintenance or for inspection.
  • Improved Cutting performance New pre-cutting roller and Heavy duty rear roller design.
  • Higher soil capacity By closer cutting spacing we bring more soil to the surface giving and intenser aeration and decompaction.
  • Extra adaptations We have a stone screen deck available, other options on request.
PRICING for 2007

Horizontal lift elevator on FTM 2000 (optional) & 2500 (Standard) We have a few demonstration models available for attractive pricing. Ask for details.

In addition you will find the next new items in the price list that are available for 2007:
  • New FTM 2500 model 2007 with heavy duty drive train and large capacity belts, horizontal conveyor standard.
  • Horizontal conveyor option available for FTM 2000.
  • Conveyor/ trailer protection bar as an option
  • Anti /stick/wear/noise insert plate
  • Spiral roller with brush scraper for all FTM models
  • New FTM MODULAR (1200 model first, later the FTM 1500, 2000 and 2500). Basic Frame + conveyor belts or box or deflector plate
KORO is getting more and more accepted by the market, it takes demonstrations, shows, presentations and many seminars to get there. To present ourselves at our best we are trying very hard to provide you with the best brochures and materials.

We are making a new website, you can get access by login in under www.koro-systems.com or www.fieldtopmaker.com which should be ready by week 3 in January 2007.
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