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Kubota is pleased to announce that the next evolution of agricultural tractors is set to begin production in April 2015. Kubota has completed the development of this new higher horsepower tractor with the goal of competing in large scale upland farming.

Mass production of the new tractor series will begin this coming April (2015) at the new state-of-the-art Kubota Farm Machinery Europe S.A.S., manufacturing company in France.

Kubota recognise the significance of the European and North American agriculture markets and this factory will satisfy the demands of these markets in addition to other agricultural regions throughout the world.

Series name: M7 Series
Models: 3 Main base platforms with 130, 150 and 170 Horsepower (NB: Exact model features will vary by respective region)
Manufacturer: Kubota Farm Machinery Europe S.A.S. Bierne (Dunkerque Precinct), Nord department, France
Production Date: April 2015 with production schedules targeted for each respective region

Performance Features:
Ease of Operation: At present the operation of equipment is becoming more difficult, as technologies become sophisticated to meet precision farming needs. Therefore Kubota took great measures to ensure the display of information for both the tractor and implements were easily accessible. A unique touch screen enables the operator to control multiple functions such as implement operation and hydraulic flow, at the same time. A new ergonomic multi-function hand controller further enables control of speed, direction and three point hitch operation.
Benefit of Co-engineering: To ensure optimal performance and productivity Kubota developed efficiencies in the engine, transmission, hydraulic functions and how the implements would operate together, all while economising on fuel.
Comfort and design: The exterior design of the tractor is strong and powerful with bold clean lines. Inside the spacious suspension cab, the operator is treated to comfortable seating while the main operation system controls are well positioned to prevent fatigue - even after long days in the field.


  • Kubota Corporation's global position is to support the world by contributing to the development of "food, water and the environment" which are essential for human existence. In agricultural machinery in particular, Kubota has steadily expanded business in Japan and Asia through rice cultivation while in Europe and the Americas with vegetable and fruit, livestock as well as grain, forage and corn production.
  • As part of Kubota's commitment to "food, water and the environment" it was essential that Kubota expanded the current equipment line to satisfy the diverse and changing global needs of agriculture. Therefore Kubota is committed to medium and long-term investments making large scale upland farming a strategic priority around the world.
  • Furthering a commitment to large scale upland farming, Kubota finalised the acquisition of Kverneland ASA in 2012, an agricultural implement manufacturer headquartered in Europe, with special expertise in precision farming technologies. The design and function of the new M7 Series tractor has benefited greatly from this newly acquired knowledge base and our technology developed in Japan.
  • In 2013, Kubota established a company in France to manufacture the M7 Series farm tractors.


  • Productions is set to begin in April 2015 with a target to produce 3,000 tractors by 2017
  • In addition to Western Europe, North America, Australia and Japan, Kubota also plans to extend sales to Eastern Europe in the future


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