Kubota skates into action at Centenary Square

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Kubota L4240 in Birmingham Centenary Square
Visitors to Birmingham's Centenary Square ice rink (Arena Ice) will have noticed the addition of a new bright orange resident this year.

Watch the Kubota L4240 keep Birmingham's Centenary Square ice rink in tip-top condition by grading the ice between sessions, ensuring that the surface is always perfectly polished.

is vital to maintaining a smooth and slick skating surface, so on the hour every hour the orange Kubota tractor lights up the ice to prepare the surface for the next round of skaters.

Wilson's Funfairs, the contractor responsible for supplying, constructing and maintaining the Centenary Square ice rink, acquired the Kubota L4240 mid-range tractor from Sutton-Based Hughie Willett Machinery, to grade the ice between sessions, ensuring that the surface is always perfectly polished.

The ice rink opened to the public on Saturday 15th November and will run until January 4th 2015, in which time the rink will be in almost constant use from 10am-10pm (a maximum of 245 at any one time), so maintenance is crucial to ensure optimum conditions.

"Ice machines are sophisticated pieces of kit so we needed a tractor capable of towing the one tonne weight when full of water, but also one that was also compact enough to fit within the small site space, which is just shy of 800m2," says Rebecca Owen, Account Director for Arena Ice.

"We run 23 rinks across the UK but have always struggled to find a machine that was both compact and powerful - virtues which are necessary to pull the Zamboni ice resurfacer, used to remove the ice chips and polish the surface.

"The Kubota and the fully loaded Zamboni combined are nearly 3-tonne in weight, which is close to the maximum weight capacity recommended for the surface. We're delighted that we've now achieved the balance, which means skaters can enjoy the best possible skating experience."

For more information on Kubota and its extensive range of solutions for the groundcare and agriculture sectors visit www.kubota.co.uk or call 01844 268000.

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