Let it Snow!

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Etesia\'s Hydro 100 mower clearing snow.JPGAs the UK grinds to a halt in heavy snow, lawnmower manufacturer Etesia is enjoying a sales boom as users of their ride-on rotaries rush to buy snow clearing attachments for their existing Hydro mowers.

"At times like this, end users realise the true multi-tasking value of an Etesia ride-on - simply by adding a snow plough or salt/sand spreader attachment. These accessories are keenly priced so keeping roadways and paths clear is a very cost effective operation." says Etesia's UK General Manager, Les Malin.

"The pundits predict that global warming is likely to bring more frequent snow falls in the future. Our customers have discovered that for a relatively small investment they can be prepared without the need to have expensive dedicated equipment lying idle during long periods of the year."

Etesia offers easy-fit snow clearing attachments for all models in their Hydro ride-on ranges. The options include:-

· a snow blade which can be angled to the right or left and lifted for transportation between sites;

· wheel chains providing grip for quick and safe snow clearance on icy paths, roadways, car parks, play areas and other hard surfaces.

· an easy-to-attach spreader for distributing salt or sand on icy roads, walkways and other exposed sites.

For operator comfort in cold, snowy or wet conditions, there is also a glass-panelled cab with optional heater.

A vast number of turfcare and other accessories are available to transform Etesia ride-ons into an all-year-round host power source for a wide range of applications.


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