Lithium battery models dominate Yamaha motors 2024 lightweight vehicle line up

Peter Driverin Machinery & Mechanics

Yamaha Motor Europe N.V., Branch UK has revealed its 2024 line-up of lightweight vehicles, which includes golf cars, light utility vehicles and personal transport vehicles. Lithium-Ion battery power dominates the 2024 offering providing high-performance, maintenance-free and cobalt-free units from the renowned manufacturer, Roypow.

Aimed at both B2B and B2C sectors, providing a diverse range of choices, addressing the needs across the Commercial, Personal, and Golf Fleet markets. With their precise handling, functionality, efficiency, and low maintenance requirements, they are the functional choice for golf courses, resorts, estates, farms and business enterprises.

Serving as the foundation for a first-class professional golf fleet or delivering high-performance for commercial purposes, Yamaha's Drive², UMX and Drive² PTV PowerTech Li vehicles present a sustainable choice, with minimal emissions and a reduced environmental footprint. With highly efficient power units, cost-effective and easily replaceable, durable components, coupled with low-maintenance designs, every facet of their golf and commercial line-up is designed to ensure seamless and effortless operations for golf courses.

Lithium-Ion battery technology offers rapid, smooth acceleration, a higher top speed and charging times 1.8 quicker faster compared to lead acid batteries. 25% less weight contributes to increased range delivering more than 3 rounds of golf on a single charge.

Golf Cars

The Drive² AC Li golf car offers an advanced 3.3 kW motor and an optimised independent front suspension, tailored to perfectly harmonise with Yamaha's lightweight Lithium-Ion battery, ensuring a silky-smooth ride. Furthermore, its redesigned longer-stroke rear suspension enhances comfort, enabling golf course proprietors to offer an elevated experience for their members.

Light Utility Vehicles

The UMX AC is designed to handle an array of tasks in commercial, industrial, agricultural and leisure environments. At its heart, the UMX AC features a punchy 5.0 kW motor, that's not just quieter and better for the environment, but has a good range and is simple to plug in and charge. It delivers smooth, flexible power that takes the operator just about anywhere in a park, resort, golf course, farm, airport, factory … just simply point and go.

Personal Transport Vehicles

The Drive² PowerTech Li, designed for personal transport, offers a robust 5.0 kW electric motor, comprehensive independent suspension front and rear, a comfortable interior, and enhanced performance. This agile vehicle charges rapidly and moves swiftly, enabling users to easily navigate through farms, estates, and resorts. Its extended battery lifespan ensures more time and reduced charging intervals.