Maxwell Amenity Expand the Technical Team

Becky Bowaterin Pitchcare News

Maxwell Amenity are pleased to announce the recent appointment of Julia Lock as Technical Manager. Julia has recently submitted her PhD to obtain a doctorate in Plant Pathology, having completed a six year long research project trialling the use of green manures as soil amendments as a control for replant disease in trees.

Through doing this, she gained valuable experience in pot trials and microbiology whilst strengthening her knowledge of statistical data analysis. She has presented her research in China at the International Congress of Plant Pathology, and Australia at the Australasian Plant Pathology Conference.

She was selected to present at Parliament to politicians and scientists, and also shortlisted for the Prince of Wales Trust Trophy in Horticulture.

Julia has also taught Further and Higher Education in a range of modules in Horticulture, Arboriculture and Countryside Management during a six year period.

Before her appointment at Maxwell Amenity she advised on a range of trials and assessed new products for their quality, which enabled her to travel nationally, and also internationally, to India.

When asked why she wanted to join the company, Julia commented: "Maxwell Amenity is focussed on the provision of a quality service to the industry. They have an ecologically sound ethos and work to provide products to customers in a factually informed manner. They are careful to ensure that recommendations are the very best they can offer for the situation they are presented with. The company, as a whole, consists of people who all pull together and work towards a common goal."

Julia is the third member of Maxwell Amenity's technical team, which also comprises of James Grundy and John Handley, emphasising the investment and importance the business places on agronomic expertise.

James Grundy, Senior Technical Manager at Maxwell Amenity, commented: "We are pleased to welcome Julia to the team, where her experience and comprehensive scientific skill set across a range of disciplines will provide fresh perspective into our Technical department. Julia's skills will further allow us to produce informative technical information, improve research and development and deliver product solutions for the key issues faced throughout the Sports Turf, Amenity and Commercial Horticultural Industries."

If you would like some technical advice from the team, then please get in touch on:


T: 01902 440250