Moorpark shrinks trimming time by Three man days

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Moorpark shrinks trimming time by Three man days

Sprinkler trimming time at Moorpark Golf Club in Hertfordshire has been drastically reduced with the arrival of Powerhead high speed cutting attachments.

"We used to use scissors and it would take two people about two days," says Stuart Bertram, who has been at the club for 10 years and Course manager for the last four. "We can now do both courses, that's 36-holes with one person in a day. Although we're a private members club we provide corporate golf throughout the summer and we're very busy."

The club's two parkland courses are both built on clay and Stuart's policy is to water only when needed.

"We need to trim around the sprinkler heads every fortnight to three weeks during the growing season," he explains, "and Powerhead is a great piece of kit. We got our first box of 10 around the beginning of April and our second box should last until the end of July."

Powerhead cutting attachments fit all commercial trimmers and brush cutters, and are distributed in the U.K. by Lastec.

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