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My View of the Green.

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Richard Hurley is a native of New Jersey (USA) whose interest in golf was initiated by caddying at a local course maintenance crews while attending high school and college.Pine-Valley-Rich-Hurley.jpg

What started as a teenage interest in golf led to enrolment in a university program working toward completing a Bachelor of Science degree in agronomy in 1970 and a master's degree in turfgrass management in 1973, both from the University of Rhode Island (USA).

After five years as golf course superintendent at Tavistock Country Club in Haddonfield, New Jersey (USA), Hurley joined Lofts Seed, Inc., in 1977. While employed by Lofts as the research director, requirements for a Ph.D. in turfgrass breeding were completed in 1983 through Rutgers University. Hurley has been teaching in the turf management program at Rutgers University for over twenty years.

With a career as a turfgrass specialist, extensive international experience was attained in selecting grasses for new golf courses and working with turf management issues on existing golf courses. New golf course construction projects throughout America as well as in Europe, China, Japan, and Africa were a part of Hurley's travel and consultation destinations. Additionally, Hurley has worked on tournament course preparations for many Masters Golf Tournaments, a few US Opens, and other golf tournaments. There have been over twenty golfing trips to Scotland and Ireland, playing over forty golf courses in Scotland alone. Over the years, golf history has become a passion for Hurley.

Hurley comments, "As a fourteen-year old caddy growing up during the 1960s, I never would have dreamed of having the opportunity to know Arnold Palmer, being a member of the St. Andrews Golf Club in Scotland, attending twenty-six Masters, and earning a Ph.D. related to golf turf management."

The book "My View of the Green" by Richard Hurley, Ph.D., Lifelong experiences and observations about golf courses and the game of golf. The book was written for the person who loves the game of golf, wants to take a golfing trip to Scotland or Ireland or simply enjoys hearing good golf stories.

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"My View of the Green"

Table of Contents

Evolution of the Game of Golf

Chapter 1: Thoughts About Golf and Golf Courses

Chapter 2: Some Thoughts on Golf Course Design

Chapter 3: You Owe it to Yourself to Play the Great Golf Course of Scotland

Chapter 4: Golf Courses in Ireland are Some of the Best in the World

Chapter 5: My Golf Stories

Chapter 6: Listen to the Expert

Chapter 7: The 19th Hole

Photograph shows Richard at Pine Valley GC, USA.

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