New attachments for Etesia's H100 Diesel ride-on Tractor

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Etesia's-Hydro-100D-fitted-.jpg For keeping lawns and turf looking good this season, a new range of accessories are now available for use with Etesia's latest Hydro 100 Diesel ride-on rotary. Specially produced for Etesia by Buckinghamshire-based R T Machinery Ltd, these additions provide some highly cost effective turf care options (patents pending). Once the universal carrier (RTM Fitting Kit) has been workshop-fitted on the rear of the tractor, any of the interchangeable rear-mounted attachments can be removed or added in minutes via a simple two-pin fixing. No special tools are required. The new range includes:-

RTM Stripe-It

When it comes to fine lawns and sports surfaces, stripes are high on the list of priorities. The new rear-mounted RTM Stripe-It heavy-duty poly/rubber blade attachment is specially designed to efficiently produce contra-direction stripes, without the risk of compaction caused by heavy rollers. This unit covers the Hydro 100D's full 1 metre cutting width, so no unsightly bands of grass are left untreated. Operational height is fully adjustable according to mowing conditions and RTM Stripe-It is easily removed when mowing in paddocks, areas of long grass, or for cut and drop applications.

RTM Drag-Brush

For producing stripes, or grooming on natural or synthetic turf, the tough nylon bristles of the new RTM Drag-Brush ensures a clean finish. This sturdy, fixed rear-mounted unit can be used on sand-filled synthetics and hard porous surfaces, or for tidying the appearance of graveled areas. On turf it makes light work of brushing in top dressing, or removing worm casts and debris from the surface. It is also ideal for raising grass blades prior to mowing. The full working width of the 100cm Hydro 100D is covered and easy-to-adjust height adjustment on either side of the attachment allows it to follow ground contours.

RTM Rear-Rake

To improve the appearance of quality turf on ornamental lawns and sports surfaces, the new rear-mounted RTM Rear-Rake consists of a series of sprung tines for light removal and control of thatch. This type of gentle scarification and conditioning can be carried out lightly throughout the year, whilst grass is growing. Lateral growth and broad leaved grasses are raised ready for the next cut to tidy up. After scarifying, all debris can be speedily gathered via the Hydro 100D ride-on mower's collection system. As with the other attachments, the RTM Rear-Rake' is speedily connected or removed without the use of special tools.

Front Bull Bar

The very nature of grounds maintenance means that, even with the most careful handling, ride-on mowers can be prone to accidental damage when working near walls, trees and other obstacles. In addition to the expense of repair, this can also result in costly downtime whilst the mower is being put right. Specially designed for the Hydro 100 Diesel, the new RTM Front Bull Bar provides wrap-around protection for the bonnet and framework of the machine during transporting, loading or storage or in general working conditions. Competitively priced at £185.00 plus VAT, it is a sound investment that will safeguard the tractor throughout its lifetime.

Quality-manufactured from powder coated steel with cadmium plated fittings, these attachments for Etesia's range of Hydro 100 Diesel tractors are designed for durability and long life. For further information contact Etesia - tel: 01926 403319 or email
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