New digital Turfgrass Seed guide launched

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The British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB) has launched a new digital version of its Turfgrass Seed guide. The annually produced guide will continue to be printed. However, to reduce the reliance on paper and make the information in-guide more widely available, a new section has been added to the BSPB website.

Trials carried out by STRI help to establish the characteristics listed in the Turfgrass Seed guide.

Commenting on the move, BSPB technical manager Jeremy Widdowson said:

"This is the first time the Turfgrass Seed guide has been published fully on an interactive platform to offer greater accessibility for all UK users."

The first guide was published in November 1976 and the following year it gained the title 'Buying Turfgrass Seed' which has since been simplified. Turfgrass Seed 2023 includes data and information to help guide seed choice for the amenity and sports grass sector. The information in the guide is largely provided from trials carried out by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) to an agreed protocol.

"Trials conducted at Bingley, West Yorkshire, by STRI help to identify the characteristics of different cultivars. The guide reflects this by using parameters such as shoot density, recovery, colour and visual merit to help decision-making for pitch care, ground care and amenity professionals," added Mr Widdowson.

It is hoped, by publishing the data and advice on the BSPB website, that more people in the industry will benefit from its content. Mr Widdowson was also keen to emphasise the environmental benefits of offering the guide in both digital and printed forms:

The new 2023 Turfgrass Seed guide will be available as a printed brochure and digitally on the BSPB website from 24 January 2023.

"BSPB is reducing its reliance on paper-based methods of communication and the Turfgrass Seed guide is another example where our operating practices can be made more sustainable. A little over 5000 copies will still be printed. However, this number may start to reduce in future years as users choose to access content digitally and minimise the environmental impact of producing guides like this."

The Turfgrass Seed guide can be viewed at

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