New Enhance R 'Prime' joins award winning range

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Enhance bagVitax Amenity launched Enhance R Prime, a zero phosphate formulation which swells the ranks of their Enhance R range of fertilisers, winner of the IOG's "Best New and Innovative Product" award in the Fertiliser and Pesticides category.

Specifically developed for Turf Managers who require a zero phosphate product Enhance R Prime 5+0+10+4Fe+2MgO+TE shares all the benefits of its fellow formulations, 'Enhance R Spring and Summer' and 'Enhance R Autumn and Winter', being a four-in-one combo of conventional fertiliser, slow release organic fertiliser, Amino-Sorb R and a natural bacterium.

Produced as a homogenous mini granule, Enhance R's existing formulations have already proved their worth on the professional football pitches of Wolverhampton Wanderers, where Head Groundsman Wayne Lombard reported a playable grass surface just five weeks after seeding.

Bill Riley, Vitax Amenity's Technical Manager cites the inclusion of Amino-Sorb R as one of the reasons for the success of the range. "The resulting enhanced root activity means that there's better nutrient uptake and less leaching from both the conventional and slow release organic fertilisers," he explains. "More nutrients go into the plant and not into the drains."

IMG 0048Commercial Director for Vitax, Daniel Wilkinson says that the expansion of the Enhance R range is indicative of company policy and future goals. "The last year has seen us expanding all divisions of the business.

We developed the Briteliner Arrow transfer wheel linemarker for Vitax Supaturf, embarked on a new joint venture with Vitax Grower and Unitrade International to develop trade in Turkey and the Middle East, and have expanded our Retail division with new home and garden products and new additions to our famous Nippon range," he says." We're very positive about the opportunities presented by 2011."

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