New generation herbicide for effective weed control

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New generation herbicide for effective weed control

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Faster, more complete weed control under a far wider range of conditions with much greater coverage per litre and a hazard free 'clean' label. That's the attractive promise of a new Roundup formulation from Monsanto for amenity, forestry, aquatic and industrial weed control, available exclusively from Rigby Taylor.

As well as being recommended for the control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds (including the most difficult species like ground elder and Japanese knotweed) Roundup Pro Green has approval for aquatic weed control in or alongside watercourses, for stump application to woody species, and for a wide range of forestry applications.

Roundup Pro Green incorporates patented Transorb Technology that improves the efficiency with which glyphosate enters and works within the plant. More herbicide is absorbed by the leaves and delivered to the roots more rapidly, meaning more successful spraying in difficult weather and more reliable control of even the toughest weeds. It also means faster appearance of visible symptoms and less delay ahead of re-planting.

At the same time, a 25% increase in glyphosate concentration over traditional 360g/litre formulations gives 25% extra spray coverage from every litre for greater operational efficiency, easier storage and transportation, and lower packaging disposal costs.

"Trials across Europe have shown Roundup Pro Green consistently gives 10%+ better control of all weeds compared to ordinary glyphosate + surfactant formulations," explained Monsanto amenity specialist, Manda Sansom. "And control of difficult-to-kill weeds like creeping thistle is improved by more than 20%.

"Visible symptoms of weed control are evident in less than a week, the product is rainfast from just one hour, and re-plantings are safe within 48 hours or less," she added. "A significant improvement in speed of activity over existing glyphosate formulations, this will help with public perceptions, increase available spraying time, and improve the flexibility of amenity operations."

"Roundup Pro Green will be particularly valuable in today's high pressure weed control programmes where time is always at a premium, and usability and reliability are critical to success," commented Steve Hall, marketing manager for Rigby Taylor.

"Importantly, it shares the same superior operator and environmental safety rating as the market-leading 'clean' label product, Roundup Pro Biactive."

Great flexibility of use - on hard surfaces, around trees, along fences and walls, and in many other situations - along with a standard rate of just 4 litres per hectare and a non-hazardous COSHH classification, make Roundup Pro Green the idea1 choice for cost-effective and efficient weed control.

Detailed advice on using Roundup Pro Green can be obtained by calling Rigby Taylor on 0800 424 919 or visiting Rigby Taylor

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