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Multiforst.JPGFor many years Seppi have produced machinery for mulching forestry waste and land cleaning. In more recent times, they have produced machines for crushing stones, resurfacing roads and mulching stumps below ground level.

Now Seppi have brought all of these tasks into the capability of one single machine - the 'Multiforst'.

Based on the earlier 'Midiforst DR', the new 'Multiforst' comes equipped with a fixed knife motor with much longer knife supports. This allows the machine to work down to a depth of 20cm. The machine is designed to handle vegetation up to 25cm in diameter and stones up to 20cm - depending on the type of stone.

The 'Multiforst' is able to tackle these different types of work as it can be worked at either 1000rpm pto speed for vegetation or 540rpm pto speed for work with stones.

Four widths of machine are available between 1.75m (69") and 2.5m (89"). The maximum power that may be used is 107KW (146HP).

A roller may be bolted to the hydraulic door to act as a compactor when resurfacing roads, special skids keep the machine in work on hard surfaces.

This new machine from the Italian manufacturers is a versatile machine that will find a ready market with contractors who are faced with multi-tasks on the same site.

Many tractors can now be switched between 1000rpm and 540rpm by an in-cab control; so change over could not be easier!

Seppi's distributor for the UK is Lamberhurst Engineering. For more information call 08456 121 141 or visit

Photo caption: Group shot of Seppi's European dealers that recently attended their recent annual conference & training programme.

Lamberhurst Engineering Limited was set up by Andrew Fuller and Nigel Osborne in May 1997 when the proprietor of their previous employer Lamberhurst Equipment Limited, retired from the machinery trade after some 20 plus years of trading. The subtle change in company name allowed trading to continue uninterrupted.
Lamberhurst Engineering imports and distributes Ferrari and Holder Tractors, Seppi and Berti Agricultural and Forestry Mulching/Mulchers, Malfos ditching machines, Pellenc Vineyard tools and equipment, Caroni Mowers, Caffini sprayers and is the Kent and East Sussex dealer for Same and Lamborghini Tractors.

The Company offers a range of equipment to mount to the tractors by all the well-known machinery manufacturers and also specialises in Stihl Chainsaws, Brushcutters and Hedge trimmers and Tree surgery equipment together with all the necessary safety clothing required.

The workshops are fully equipped to tackle mechanical breakdowns, welding and servicing of all makes of Agricultural, Forestry and Horticultural machinery, either in house or on site with our factory-trained engineers. By keeping overheads low and profit margins tight the Company strives to offer its customers the best value for money along with a personal service so often found missing from larger companies.

About Seppi M

Founded in 1939 by Max Seppi and specializing in the manufacture of mowers since 1970, Seppi is now one of the foremost manufacturers in its sector - not only in Italy, but throughout the world.

"The best for farm and forest" - Seppi's motto, commit the company to the manufacture of only the best equipment, whether for agriculture, forestry or groundscare maintenance.


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