New Primo MAXX pack for smaller turf areas

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Primo-Maxx-500ml-multi-pack.jpgA new convenient and easy to use half-litre pack for the innovative turf growth regulator, Primo MAXX, will now make all the proven benefits of improved turf quality and simplified management easily available for bowls clubs, tennis clubs and managers of other smaller turf areas.

Syngenta Technical Manager, Simon Barnaby, believes the smaller pack - which will enable a complete season-long programme of up to eight applications on a bowls green, for example - will be easily justified by sports turf managers to improve turf quality and simplify the mowing regime.

"Bowls players have the highest demand for playing surface consistency. Trials have shown Primo MAXX can improve turf quality and density, to deliver an even bowl roll time after time," he advises. "Reducing the grass growth has proven a major advance in helping mangers avoid heavy greens, even when cutting has been disrupted by wet weather."

With many smaller sports clubs relying on volunteers or contract labour for mowing, the slower growth with Primo MAXX can give greater flexibility in the frequency of mowing, and increase the speed of the mowing operation by significantly reducing the volume of clippings removed.

For many city centre sports clubs, disposal of mower clippings in accordance with environmental waste legislation can be a complicated and increasingly expensive issue; reducing the frequency and volume of clippings can save cost and hassle.

Improved drought tolerance and more efficient use of water from the deeper rooting system encouraged by Primo MAXX will also make better use of resources and reduce the cost of metered water.

Mr Barnaby believes Primo MAXX will also improve durability of grass tennis courts, subject to heavy wear over the summer, and give a more even ball bounce. "Regular use will reduce stress susceptibility from intensive play and aid recovery after tournaments," he adds.

Primo MAXX is an entirely new turf growth regulator, uniquely combining a highly effective gibberellic acid suppression mode of action - to reduce vertical and encourage lateral leaf and root growth - with the Syngenta MAXX formulation for ease of use, fast uptake and turf safety. The product has been widely proven on high quality sports turf. Primo MAXX is routinely used on many of the country's leading golf courses and Premiership football and rugby pitches.

"The new smaller pack will make the benefits of improved turf quality and ease of management accessible to more sport turf managers than ever before," according to Mr Barnaby. A typical 1500m2 bowling green requires 500ml of Primo MAXX to treat eight times over the course of the season, at an application rate of 40ml per 1000m2. The standard five-litre packs will also continue to be available. For further details visit the web site:
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