New rapeseed based hydraulic oil available from John Deere

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Green light for new rapeseed based oil

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John Deere has introduced an improved biodegradable oil produced from oilseed rape. Bio-Hy-Gard II is approved for use in the transmissions and hydraulics of new John Deere 6020 Series tractors, as well as earlier tractor lines. This versatile oil can also be used in the hydraulic systems of many lawn, turf and grounds care machines.

In contrast to conventional mineral oils, Bio-Hy-Gard II is readily biodegradable; up to 94 per cent of the oil is broken down within 21 days. It is therefore likely to be of particular interest for use in parks and gardens, sports and leisure areas, golf courses, nature reserves and forests, and water protected areas, where oil spillages are of particular concern.

Bio-Hy-Gard II has been developed for increased performance in modern transmissions, which run at higher temperatures and pressures. It is temperature stable between -20 and +90 degrees Celsius, which means it can be used in wet disc brakes and oil cooled clutches. Bio-Hy-Gard II is now available from John Deere dealers in both 5 and 25 litre containers.

For further details please contact James Morley at John Deere Limited on Tel: 01949 860491

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