New SISIS Flexicomb

Lynn Hiltonin Synthetics
New SISIS Flexicomb
Is it a rake or is it a brush …? The SISIS Flexicomb is both!

Designed primarily for use on synthetic surfaces, the Flexicomb ensures even distribution of infill materials and lifts the pile. The adjustable setting ensures the effect of a rake, but with the softness of a brush, reducing the risk of damage to the fibres.

The clever design incorporates 60 sets of polypropylene bristles with an adjustable crossbar. Set the crossbar low for a rake effect - raise the crossbar for brush effect. Adjustment is quick and simple. The bristle sections are replaceable and the Flexicomb is designed for a long working life with minimal maintenance.

On natural turf the Flexicomb can, depending on the chosen setting, be used as a brush or as a rake.

The SISIS Flexicomb can be used with the SISIS Singleplay, Twinplay or Quadraplay mounting frames.

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