No Shortage of Velvet Bent

Ellie Parryin Golf

BSHLogo.jpgThat's the message to greenkeepers who are planning overseeding work from the UK's largest seed producer, British Seed Houses.

"We've had several instances in the last few weeks where greenkeepers have been told there's a shortage of velvet bent seed. This is simply not the case", says Simon Taylor, BSH's Amenity Development Director.

BSH is currently the only seed company in the UK with velvet bentgrasses available - Avalon and new Vesper, which are also available in a blend called Level Par.

Velvet bents are the clear winner in the quest for sustainable golf. They have the lowest nutrient requirement of any commercial bent grass species, maintaining growth and colour even in low fertility conditions. Reducing inputs means greenkeepers can save money and help the environment without compromising the quality of their greens. End-users are also noting that velvet bents are showing resistance to nematodes, an increasing problem affecting creeping bent grasses.

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