Nomix Enviro lead the field with Amenity Assured

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Nomix Enviro are proud to announce their certification as an Amenity Assured contractor, sealing their commitment to improve amenity weed control contract standards.

Amenity Assured is a quality assurance scheme compiled by BASIS, NAAC & NPTC to address a falling standard in UK weed control contracting that has left clients wide open to claims and liability.

Clients are not always aware that they are ultimately responsible for the work undertaken by a contractor.

The industry has seen several examples of unscrupulous contractors providing cheap, illegal services which has sadly drawn the herbicide industry, one of the most regulated in the world, into disrepute.

These contractors have been found using illegal operators and stores, spraying under invalid insurance, using banned products, polluting water, causing environmental damage, and putting the safety of the general public at risk.

The Amenity Assured standard aims to rectify these falling quality levels by providing clients with a benchmark from which to choose their weed control service provider.

An Amenity Assured contractor must adhere to a strict set of standards resulting in a consistent performance with reliability of results, value for money and minimisation of risk.

All Amenity Assured contractors adhere to a range of certification schemes that go beyond legal requirements as well as submitting to independent audits to ensure quality benchmarks are being met.

For the client this exhaustive quality control guarantees a superior level of service. Only the best contractors meet the specification to be Amenity Assured promising a high level of service that remains within the law, keeping operators, bystanders and the environment safe.

Mark Phillips, Managing Director of Nomix Enviro and chairman of the Amenity Sector of the Crop Protection Association states that:

"Amenity Assured is one of the most important things that has happened to our industry in years. Companies like Nomix Enviro who work within the strict herbicide usage legislations are being unfairly beaten on price by less principled organisations. Many of these companies operate with illegal practices which tarnish the entire industry and fuel campaigns for banning herbicides altogether.

By encouraging clients to specify that contractors must be amenity assured, we can raise the industry standard , to safeguard clients from liability, protect the environment and preserve the herbicide industry".

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