Petrol engine offered as alternative for GreenMech’s Arborist 150

Fiona Gebbettin Machinery & Mechanics

In response to impending changes to emissions legislation, GreenMech have launched the Arborist 150p, a new addition to their popular Arborist range of woodchippers. Shown for the first time at the Arb Show in May, the Arborist 150p offers a cost-effective alternative to diesel powered chippers.

From 2019, Stage V Standards of the European Emission legislation come into effect, which will require all new diesel engines over 19kW (26hp) to include Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) technology. Because of this, it's likely that the cost of diesel-powered units will increase. However, the new Arborist 150p is fitted with a 37hp Briggs & Straton Petrol engine which can offer almost the same performance as the higher horse-powered diesel engine of the existing Arborist 150, but at a much-reduced cost.

Sales Director, Martin Lucas: "It's important for us to be continually looking ahead at issues which will affect the industry, and as a consequence our products. The launch of the Arborist 150p has come after many years of research, development and testing. It was vital that we could offer a petrol alternative that did not sacrifice on output or performance. For customers whom diesel remains their preferred choice, we will continue to produce the Arborist 150 fitted with a 26hp diesel engine which, as it stands, meets the new legislation requirements."

The Arborist 150 has a generous 970 x 790mm in-feed chute to accommodate a 150mm chipping capacity. The 150mm x 230mm letterbox-style in-feed throat opening makes light work of heavily forked branches and as standard comes fitted with GreenMech's patented Disc-Blade system, giving up to 150 hours of chipping before requiring re-sharpening. Designed particularly for the disposal of waste brash, the Arborist 150 is the top selling chipper in its class in Europe.

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