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PICT0150The all-new Powerfab TD2 launch once again extends productivity options for mini excavator operators. It brings back rugged performance with the flexibility that was the Powerfab signature in the 1980s and 1990s. Now totally re-engineered, and again produced in Wales, it steps up to the mark to restore functional features absent over recent years.

The TD2 revives a Powerfab staple, the towable, wheeled mini excavator formerly widespread among professionals in its community. The stalemate of choice is broken for the first time in two decades. Operators again have access to an excavator that can be towed directly behind a car with no trailer needed. Unlike tracked units, the Powerfab TD2 is towable direct to site to work either hitched to a vehicle or independently. It will again be put to work in construction, groundwork, landscaping, farming, domestic, general trade and contracting, cemetery, maintenance and allied sectors. It is CE rated and meets all road regulations.

Independent front outriggers level the Powerfab TD2 on site, enabling the excavation of a square trench on the side of a hill. The third rear outrigger offers excellent resistance for neat work with excellent tear out force. The TD2 is engineered to be rugged and durable, working all day non-stop. Its aim is to bring affordable power to manual tasks, access to confined areas and performance in tough digging, trenching and excavating environments. Powerfab's patent pending 3 point pick up chassis enables a choice of digging arm or the fitting of a user's own.

The path to the new launch is described by Nathan John of the original Powerfab founding family. "I worked in the business as a young man and was fascinated by it. To develop something that's new but truly answers market requirements is always a worthwhile challenge. I kept in touch with users of the original Powerfab machines, many of which are still going strong after all this time. They convinced me that the appetite in the market remains. This led me on a quest. I decided to apply engineering innovation to arrive at a new model that retains the previous flexibility and also builds on performance capabilities. To me, it's a matter of great pride that heritage now goes hand in hand with the ongoing development process that results in the TD2 and new projects on the drawing board."

The Powerfab TD2 is available now and can be adapted to individual customer specifications. Further information is available from Powerfab Equipment (UK) Ltd or via the web site www.towdig.com

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