PSD announces exciting new partnership with GRIN. Partnership comes ahead of this years SALTEX

Scott Grievein Machinery & Mechanics

PSD Groundscare are delighted to announce a new partnership with GRIN, the world class Italian manufacturer of long grass mowing solutions.

GRIN was founded in 2005 to change the perspective of garden maintenance. The creation and development of the product offering has a common philosophy; to improve the quality of life, to innovate and simplify and to propose sustainable solutions. The GRIN mulching mowing system operates without a grass bag allowing for quicker and more profitable maintenance.

The patented GRIN system - MOWING, NO GRASS BAG, NO WASTE - must not be mistaken for the CONVENTIONAL MULCHING mowing system. Both systems are based on bag-less mowing, but were developed to meet different needs.

The main benefits of the GRIN mowing system include:


With Grin it is possible to maintain the same mowing height and mowing frequency as with a grass bag type mower.


In standard mowing conditions, GRIN pulverises grass into very fine fragments, which are deposited on the soil and absorbed as fertiliser.


With Grin it is possible to mow wet grass much better than with a grass bag type mower.

GRIN mowers provide time saving mowing. Not only do they offer a high quality of fine cut, but the pulverised grass within the deck is so finely cut that it then returns to the ground as almost invisible fertiliser, returning valuable nutrients to the ground.

All the GRIN lawn mowers are designed, produced and assembled to the highest quality standards: the 3 mm thick steel frame and mowing deck, the engine protection cone for accidental impact, the professional tractions, the steel wheels, the centralized mowing height adjustment, the foldable handlebar are just some of the strengths. The MADE IN ITALY production ensures professional users reliability and robustness. Thanks to the experience gained alongside gardeners, it has been possible to find practical and convenient solutions for daily and intensive use.

Benefits include:

  • It pulverises grass very fine
  • The result is perfect in long and wet grass
  • It works on all types of lawn
  • It is not necessary to mow more often
  • It is built to last

New to the UK market, the comprehensive range of high quality, robust mowers offer highly efficient solutions for local authorities, landscapers, groundskeeping, contractors and private users to help create the perfect landscape.

PSD has a long-standing track record of expertise in long and wet grass mowing solutions and the GRIN range of mowers are perfectly set up for working in UK conditions.

The new range of machinery from GRIN is set to be launched to dealers at an exclusive event early in October, before being unveiled to the industry at Saltex on the 2nd & 3rd November.

PSD Groundscare is the exclusive UK distributor of niche specialist landscaping equipment, with an extensive range of products from market-leading names and innovative European manufacturers including Eliet and Koppl.

PSD Managing Director Chris Gibson said: "We're extremely excited to add GRIN to our portfolio and to be at the forefront in the UK distribution of this fantastic product line and we look forward to being able to launch them to our dealer network in October and the UK market at Saltex".

GRIN CEO Franco Ghezzi, comments on the new UK venture: "Having developed the continental European market for over 15 years, I am very happy for the start of this new partnership with PSD Groundscare.

Their professionalism, technical and commercial competence and the deep-rooted presence on the lawn maintenance market represent key features for the development of this collaboration and to support our company and our products on the important UK market.

Furthermore, PSD Groundscare has immediately appreciated the unique qualities of our lawnmowers, our innovative mowing system, and the completeness of our product range.

Therefore, one of the most important services they will offer to every dealer and end-user will be the possibility to test the machines.

All this together with the good feeling that was immediately created between our two teams and a very similar mindset, are the key factors which make me very satisfied with the agreement found between our 2 companies.