Rain Bird's IQ-Cloud and TBOS battery irrigation controller combination ensures higher levels of functionality

Paul Hawkinsin Drainage & Irrigation

Rain Bird's IQ-Cloud platform for water management is designed to provide remote real time control of commercial irrigation systems. Over the internet, it can now be used to program the company's highly versatile, battery operated TBOS-II irrigation controller so that a manually operated hand-held field transmitter is no longer required.

TBOS-II provides automatic irrigation in areas where AC mains power is not available, either permanently or temporarily. It is ideal for applications such as municipal parks, remote landscapes and construction projects. The unit's IP68 rating ensures it is fully waterproof and submersible, as well as being extremely durable with resistance to humid and harsh environments.

IQ-Cloud permits users to manage a TBOS-II installation via the web from a desktop computer or, when mobile, by tablet or smartphone. It communicates with TBOS-II via a Rain Bird ESP-LX series controller fitted with a communication cartridge. This enables all IQ-Cloud irrigation water management tools to be employed.

Users can now carry out a range of TBOS-II programming functions remotely. These include automatic scheduling of irrigation based on internet and weather station information, checking in real time how zones and irrigation systems are performing, providing information on flow rates, generating management reports on topics such as water usage that can be shared automatically by email.

Powered by a long life 9 volt alkaline battery, the TBOS-II control module needs only two short pulses of 5 volts to function so that battery life is as long as one year. The module's latching solenoid is mounted on the irrigation valve and connected to the ESP-LX controller.

TBOS-II is available with 1, 2, 4, or 6 stations and each can be assigned multiple irrigation programs. Since IQ-Cloud manages the entire operation, users no longer require the complementary TBOS-II infra-red field transmitter, thereby reducing set up times, lower operating costs, conserving water and ensuring highy effective irrigation management without mains electricity.

For more information on IQ-Cloud with TBOS-II, contact Peter Longman, Rain Bird Europe, Northern Europe Landscape Area Manager, Tel: +44 7575 626600 email: plongman@rainbird.eu www.rainbird.eu